Sargent 24-HPU65-ALP-32D

Sargent 24-HPU65-ALP-32D Ligature Resistant HP Series Push/Pull Privacy Lock (2-3/4 Backset, No Push/Pull Label)

  • $372.48

Sargent 24-HPU65-ALP-32D Ligature Resistant HP Series Push/Pull Privacy Lock in US32D Stainless Steel Finish, has a 2-3/4" backset and comes with no Push/Pull label.

The Sargent HP bored lock 24-HPU65-ALP-32D privacy function with ALP push/pull trim provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to standard push/pull products. Ease of operation allows its use in many environments, including healthcare and education. The paddle shape and location create a comfortable target for door activation without using hands.

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Sargent 24-HPU65-ALP-32D Specifications

  • Paddle trim can be mounted in horizontal (up or down) or vertical (sideways) orientations in the field
  • Easy installation
  • Through-bolted trim for stability
  • Available in 2-3/4"backset
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1
  • UL Fire Rating standard on doors up to 4' x 8'
  • Torx® and spanner screws optional with ALP
  • Lead lining is optional: specify 74- option
  • Covers and paddles are cast stainless steel or brass
  • Patent Pending

Sargent 24-HPU65-ALP-32D Certifications

UL: UL Listed for use on fire doors (4x10 opening)